Friday, January 14, 2011

The gift of Single-ness

If you've ever wondered about dating and love, Songs of Solomon speaks of intimacy and love.  God is the One who designed us to enjoy love, but the right way.  Somehow, we have let our intense feelings take over, and now it seems as if everyone is going off of their emotions and they aren't actually learning how to date. Very few people get lonely. Those people who do not get lonely posses the gift of single-ness. A person who has that gift has a life filled with activities. It does not mean that they don't need or want anyone, however, what it does mean is that they do not need anyone to make them feel complete. If they were to get married the relationship would complement itself, but so many people cannot stand to be alone and realize who they really are. Individuals who have to constantly be in the company of someone else assumes that a single person is miserable.Especially those in the chruch, they are always trying to marry someone off; they are the worst, "girl you need a man, you should just hurry up and marry" what happen to seeking God first?  So many people are getting married premarturely and then getting divorced within the first year. Anytime a person comes up to you and says, "you are so fine, girl you are a dime; hit me up with those digits." Now I am looking at you like you are crazy, because you don't even know me! So what if I was 325 pounds, I don't think you would have taken a second look at me. Today's society only looks at the outward appearance, to be completely honest.  Sex gets old, if I am dialoguing with someone and all they are talking about is SEX! I will simply walk off from the conversation, because now I know how you think.  A person should ask, "what do I have to offer this man or woman? If I get sick will he or she be able to take care of me?" Will you be able to handle the responsiblility? Consider the cost, what do I have to offer and what will I get in return?  People ask me everyday, "I don't see how you can stay single for so long." If I get married, GREAT! If not, then I will continue to serve God, but for now; I can PATIENTLY WAIT UNTIL THE LORD BLESSES ME WITH MY HUSBAND! People who have the gift of single-ness end up getting married eventually and they live great lives, I have witnessed it myself with friends that I know.  Marriage is a beautiful thing, at times we do not see God as "romantic" but Songs of Solomon is filled with many portrays of a godly husband. Solomon said, "Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm..." (Song of Solomon 6:12).    Solomon said that love is overpowering as death and that it burns like an almighty flame. God designed this love to be expressed between a MAN and a WOMAN in marriage.(NO COMMENT!)  The wise thing to do is pray for God's help so that you can honor Him by being faithful to your present and future marriage.