Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When Words Aren't Enough

This morning I woke up and after eating breakfast I was led to Psalm 77.  I titled this blog, 'when words aren't enough' because there are times when words just ARE NOT enough. At times words just cannot express how one is feeling.  That's when a a groan or a big sigh comes in handy.  Think of a time when you were upset. Now decide if the groan or sigh was appropriate. In fact, I just let one loose just by the thought. Many people don't think that you're suppose to make a sound like that when you are dialoguing with God.  But, of course, they've never read the book of Psalms.
Apparently God thinks it's OK to groan and sigh when His children are talking to Him. The Psalms are filled with them. Let's look at Psalm 77 for instance. "Loudly I cried to God," Asaph says, "so that he would open his ears to hear me." He goes on to say that he sighs as he remembers God (verse 3) and is so upset that he cannot speak (verse 4).
By telling God his true feelings, Asaph gave God the chance to make him feel better.  And it worked.  As he pondered on the difficult situations that had taken place in his life, yet he remembered all the good things that God had done also. 
The 77th chapter of Psalms is great! Verses 7-10 really stood out to me. The writer understood rejection, even by God.  I can attest that I too, have been rejected from several things. Which is why I pray for guidance or help, and sometimes it seems as if I am not getting an answer. However, it does not mean that I am being abandoned by God. But what it means is that His timing differs from mine, and the solution to the problem may differ from the solution that I have chosen.  Although Asaph expressed his dismay; He didn't give up on God. We as His children should continue to wait on Him. God will NEVER reject one of his children.