Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Undivided Heart

    Commitments are hard to make.  They're even hard to keep.  Some people avoid marriage commitments by changing their vows for "As long as we both shall live" to "As long as we both shall love."  It's a way out for them in case marriage gets too tough.
    It seems as if individuals just don't want to be committed anymore. People’s commitments are only as strong as their feelings.  When their feelings change, their commitments change, too.  But the problem is because feelings always change.  Have you ever had someone disown you for no reason?  How did it make you feel?  Perhaps you might have even wondered if I saw that person, what would I say?
   My paternal father and mother were never married, but ended their relationship when I was two.  My father was very abusive to my mother.  I may have been two, but some things you don't forget.
    Forgiveness is one of God's most wonderful attributes. I had to forgive my father it wasn't easy but I did it three years ago.  Not only did I forgive him, but also his mother (my grandmother) because in my mind I thought it was wrong of her to disown her granddaughter just because the parents were not getting alone.  Which it probably was, but that was not for me to judge. I had to continue to pray.
    I received a call last night saying that my father is sick, and the doctor's aren't sure if he will make it.  Not only that but my father is scared to sleep at night because he is afraid to die, and that if he wakes up; he may not wake up in heaven.  Due to all of the things that he had done in his lifetime.  Immediately, I started praying and I am still praying.  Please pray with me.
   Being truly committed to someone means you hang in there even when the feelings leave.  This should also describe the commitment you have with God.  When you feel close to him, it's easy to stay committed.  But you also need to remain committed when you don't feel like it.  David reaffirmed his commitment to the Lord in Psalms 86 saying, "No god is like you,O Lord" (verse 8).  "You alone are God" (Verse 10), and "I will honor you forever" (Verse 12). 
    How do you need to reaffirm your commitment to God today?  It is by being more committed to your church? My father is a deacon and he is afraid of dying. Or spending more time in prayer? I would choose prayer!  Maybe it's even making a sacrifice and getting rid of that sin you enjoy.
   Hell is real!!!  It is a terrible place of torment, most thinking people should be interested in what they can do to avoid going there. Psalm 86:3 tells us that God's mercy is great and that he had rescued David from hell.  God not only judges those who sin, he also offers a way to escape punishment.  Following Christ is our hope.